The use of forms Requires MicroSoft Word OR Adobe software

  • When choosing the MS Word icon, a template is filled out, saved locally, attached to an e-mail, and e-mailed to the city assessors.

  • Email Assessor's Department

  • Choosing the Adobe (PDF) icon allows you to print forms to be filled in, and mailed to city assessors.

  • mail to:
    City of Oshkosh
    Assessor Office
    PO Box 1130
    Oshkosh, WI 54903-1130

    Change of Address      Check the box to tell whether the property is real estate or personal property.
    Please provide your name and phone number in case there are questions.
    Parcel/account number entries are helpful especially for multiple parcels or accounts.
    Fill in the location of the property and the old and new address information.

    Commercial Sales Questionnaire      This form assists in the analysis of commercial property sales. The information
    requested is confidential and used for the validation of commercial sales.

    New Business Personal Property form      New businesses and new owners of existing businesses in the City of Oshkosh should complete this form.
    It allows city assessors to enter your business information correctly onto the personal property roll
    and ensures any information mailed from the assessors office will go to the correct person at the correct address.

    Commercial Income & Expense form      This form is used when reviewing new properties or ones that have had a significant change
    since 2005. The three approaches to value properties are sales, cost and income. The information
    from this form will be used in the income approach and is confidential (not to be shared with others).